Here is a collection of some of the beautiful flowers that our honey is made from during the summer. Bees travel from bloom to bloom, collecting the sweet nectar before returning to the hive. The bees inside the hive work steadily, fanning the nectar until it is “dry”, removing the excess moisture from it. They finally put a wax cap over the honey for safe-keeping. Removing the moisture from the nectar ensures that the honey will never ferment.

There are some nice perks to beekeeping, and one of them is enjoying the beauty of God’s creation as we work. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of it as well! We are working to have more pictures up soon.

June 09 006

Black Locust Blooms

June 09 033

Alfalfa Blooms

June 09 039

Alfalfa Blooms

June 09 005

More Black Locust


Goldenrod Flowers, in the early stage of bloom

Aug Sept 037

Goldenrod in late bloom