The Bees Best…Naturally

Honey is really what we’re all about here at Indian Summer Honey Farm. While our extracting equipment is state of the art and can process 1000’s of pounds of honey daily, every comb is still handled one at a time by our family. The honey is taken directly from the bees and, with as little processing as possible, brought to you;  whether you purchase one small jar or one tote at a time the honey is all brought to you with the same amount of care and diligence  we imagine our bees give to it.  Every step along the way we strive to make our product truly, the bees best in quality available in our area.
Our Philosophy- Every step of the production process , from the grafting of queen cells in Florida to raise quality queens and thus quality bees, to the assembling of our own equipment, to the locations of the beeyards in Central Florida and Southeast Wisconsin.  We take a hands on approach to the management and quality control of the beehives which directly affects the quality of the product they produce, namely- honey .   
Truly, the only thing we can’t control  we leave in the Lord’s hands, and that is the work our bees do, that is completely dependent on  God’s grace and the weather.  We give the bees the healthiest hive environment we can and place them in some of the prettiest bee pasture we can seek out each season. Then, we when we’ve done our work and the bees are able to do theirs, the result is what we believe to be some of the finest honey this country can produce.
While honey is a commodity, we treat it as an artisan product, by that we mean we recognize the effort the bees have put into it, literally giving their life force into its production. Shouldn’t we likewise give it all the honor due it?   We’re privileged to be able to make this wonderful product available for you to share with your family!


When and Where can you purchase our honey?

In Wisconsin we usually begin extracting sometime in mid July and will usually continue extracting sometime into October.  During  these months you can purchase honey freshly extracted honey on the farm, and you may be interested in taking time to watch the extracting process. Our honey shop  is usually open in Wisconsin May through November.  Please CALL or EMAIL   ahead to make sure we’re available.
In Florida we do extract a smaller amount of honey, during the months of March, April and May.  We strive to have this honey available to local customers, please CALL  or EMAIL ahead to check availability.
Besides the home farm locations you can purchase honey seasonally at several farm market locations in Florida and in Wisconsin.
Depending on the time of the year, the weather, and extracting schedule we usually have several varieties available for sale in your own container or ours. Please CALL or EMAIL to check availability.


                What kind of Honey do we  produce?  Or honey through the year.

                Beginning sometime in March the bees in Florida will have access, in many locations to citrus trees in full bloom.  This usually yields a wonderfully fruity light honey we call ‘orange blossom’.  Quickly on its heels the holly trees will begin blooming, this honey is light colored and flavored and has a mild fruity taste.  Shortly after the Yaupon holly the gallberry shrubs begin to bloom (usually April-May) these are found predominantly in the low lying wetlands of the Withlacoochee and Green Swamp areas of central Florida.  This honey has a slightly stronger flavor and is more yellow in color it’s a very tasty honey.  Depending on the weather the above varieties are available to our Florida customers November –May, with the  extracting season running March- May.
                In the month of May our Family and bees begin the migration back to Wisconsin where they will spend the summer months.
The bees that arrive in Wisconsin in May will usually have the opportunity to make some yellow creamy flavored dandelion honey .  Those bees that wait until June to arrive in Wisconsin will begin their northern season with the black locust or acacia blossoms.  The delicate scents of these blossoming trees remind us of orange blossoms. The flavor of this honey, which is usually extracted along with dandelion honey is a buttery flavor.
By early July the honeybees are all in Wisconsin enjoying the short hot season which brings on the bloom of the basswood or linden tree The flavor of this, sometimes, water white honey is mild and fresh almost minty it’s a favorite in our family.  Later in July the white and yellow clovers begin to bloom along the roads and many rural meadows in our area.  This yields one of the most commonly known honey varieties in the country.  We often tell people when they ask , “Where’s the regular honey?” We offer them a sample of this common floral sourced honey.  Along with clover the Alfalfa fields are often blooming in between first and second cutting hay.  This is a very mild often very light colored honey.  These two flowering plants along with other summer wildflowers  and the above flowering trees are what we will be extracting through the early part of summer.
By late August we will begin seeing goldenrod  blooming and then the astors begin their reign in the meadows and fence lines.  These Fall plants do not always yield a harvest-able honey crop oftentimes we must leave what the bees make for themselves as their winter store- however, when we do have enough to extract it is slightly darker more amber colored, it has a somewhat tangy flavor.
Also in September the bees occasionally have the opportunity to find a field of buckwheat  this prized honey yields a very strong flavored dark amber honey.  By the end of  September and definitely by October the flowers in Wisconsin have run their course and it’s time for the bees and beekeepers to finish the harvest and head south.