This Cowen 120 frame air ram extractor was custom made for us in the fall of
1998 and has faithfully extracted in excess of five million pounds of honey
for us in these past 19 years. It is with a bitter sweet spirit that we are
selling this war horse, as we have replaced it with a new 2017 model for
the next generation of our farm as they take over. I only hope the new
machine holds up as well as the first one did, all the computerized gadgets
and the massive circuit board on the new machine make me nervous.
The extractor in the video was in service until early September and is ready
to go right back to work for you.
It includes a de boxer, Cowan uncapping head, capping’s auger, and wax
We’re asking $33,000 FOB Germantown WI
Please e-mail or call if interested and ask for Chris.