Instructions for New-bees…

Please have your hive prepared.
This means avoiding some of the biggest mistakes new beekeepers often make:
1) Having a hive begin to raise its own queen before the new queen arrives in the mail or
2) Allowing the hive to be occupied by an undetected virgin prior to the introduction of the newly purchased queen. Both situations lead to the high likelihood of your newly introduced queen perishing.
3) What should you do when you receive your queen? First, check to make sure that she and her attendants are alive, warm and well. Then, as soon as possible, that afternoon or the next day, introduce your queen into a confirmed queen-less nucleus colony of no less than two frames of brood, abundantly covered with bees, and a frame of feed, also covered with bees.
In addition to having your hive prepared:
Be sure to coordinate arrival of your queen to a time when you have your hive prepared. The queen, if shipped UPS will arrive the next day, if ordered USPS, they will most likely arrive the second day after shipment..
During shipping, the handling and care that the delivery company gives is out of both our hands, and your hands. Their diligence is ultimately as important as the queen breeder’s (us) care. We give our utmost in raising the queens to be their best and healthiest.
We use Jz Bz products exclusively from the grafting of a larva into their cell cups to the shipping of the queens in the specially designed queen cages. We feel these offer the best and safest environment during the critical transportation and introduction period.
picture here of JZ’s Bz’s queen cages
When the queens leave our farm, we also do our best in diligently preparing and handling each package for shipment. But, we also expect you to do your best on the receiving end.
In the event of a weather delay caused by cold or inclement conditions on your end, it is important to keep the queens warm, dry, and indoors at room temperature.
1) The candy the queens are shipped with will supply sufficient moisture. There is no need to drop water or honey to the queen and attendants through the cage. In fact, in most cases, this ends poorly for the queen.
2)For customers receiving queens in Battery Boxes, re-moistening the accompanying sponges and the addition of sugar to the bottom of the box can be utilized to extend the holding of queens for a short period of time (approx. 48 hours), as its understood that sometimes it’s just not possible to get hundreds of queens introduced the same day they arrive. * Picture here of battery box- preferably open showing bees